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We offer a selection of vanilla beans, including premium Madagascan, Comoran and Tahitian varieties. In our recipes section you will find several handy guides to making delicious vanilla treats.

Tahitian vanilla beans are known for their exotic, floral aromas, whilst Madagascar beans have a fine reputation for their superior taste and flavour.

If you’re looking to bulk buy vanilla beans, we offer competitive prices. Known for years as a popular baking ingredient, vanilla extract is now found in most households and has a wide range of convenient uses. Why not freshen up the fridge or de-odorise the microwave? As well as getting rid of unpleasant smells, this potent extract can be used to make bread and a whole host of cakes and baked goods. The ingredient can even be used to make unique cocktails and hot drinks, including the Scottish mocha.

Our Madagascar vanilla extract can be purchased in single or double strength varieties, with seeds and we also offer alcohol free Halal extracts. Produced from Madagascan vanilla beans, these products are manufactured in France using classic techniques to bring out a rich, pure flavor.

Our potent and flavoursome powder is perfect for those who want a strong vanilla flavour without the alcohol found in many oils and extracts. Premium grade Madagascan powder is created from quality long, supple vanilla beans that are pulverised and dried to make this useful ingredient. Add texture, colour and a heavenly taste to many desserts and drinks with ease.

A great alternative to beans, extract and powder, our vanilla paste is perfect for providing a fresh burst of vanilla in a number of culinary applications. Just one teaspoon of Madagascan premium paste is the equivalent of an entire vanilla bean.