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Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Powder

Made from ground vanilla beans, powdered vanilla is ideal for adding to hot drinks as it retains the distinct flavour really well. This sweet versatile treat has many handy properties that all home cooks can enjoy.

Sprinkle our natural Madagascan vanilla powder on fresh fruit, toast or porridge to help you get going in the morning.

When baking, our vanilla powder mixes with most liquids and other ingredients without leaving any lumps, adding a great flavour to bread, cakes, icing, ice-creams and custards.  

Just like vanilla paste, with powder you can see those decorative specks of vanilla in your dish.

Available in packs of 1 oz to 1 lb.

This premium grade powder is made using long, supple bourbon vanilla beans which are pulverised and then dried to make this delicious vanilla powder with a rich aroma and dark colour.

The powder is certified Kosher Pareve by OU (Orthodox union)

This vanilla powder is ideal for any cooking and baking application and will not disappoint! Ideal for those who do not wish to spend time using vanilla beans!

Vanilla Powder Applications

Drinks: Add an extra sweet touch to your tea or make your very own vanilla hot chocolate. Throughout summer months you can also use vanilla powder to make yoghurt and fresh fruit smoothies, and of course, vanilla milkshakes. 

French Toast: Start your day in a sweet and savoury way with this breakfast treat. Add vanilla powder for a pure flavoring.

Whipped Cream: Enhance a plain whipped cream recipe with vanilla powder to add a sweet touch to any pie, pastry or fresh fruit.

Storing Vanilla Powder

To keep your vanilla powder fresh, store it in a cool, dry area in an air-tight container to avoid any moisture intrusion.

For more information on vanilla powder or to place an order, get in touch today!